Hareside Primary School

Help Me

There are times when all of us need a bit of help… it might be because we are worried, upset or sad about something.  It could be about something that is happening in school, at home or somewhere else.  It might be about something which is happening to a friend.


If you feel like this, it is a good idea to talk to someone about it – often just talking about what you are feeling helps and the person you talk to might be able to find other ways to help you too.


These are some of the people you could talk to:

  • Mum, Dad or someone else who looks after you
  • Someone else in your family
  • A teacher or another adult in school
  • A friend

Or you could send a message via Tootoot and we can help you in school. Remember to use your login and type a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Here is the link



If you don’t want to talk to someone that you know there are also some websites here with advice and some phone numbers you can call too:



0800 1111



0808 800 2222


Anti-bullying Alliance advice about cyber bullying

Advice if you are being bullied



CEOPs - staying safe online

If you are worried about something that is happening online or want to be sure how to keep yourself safe:





UK Safer Internet Centre

Resources for children