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Every child in our care deserves a curriculum that champions excellence, supporting them to achieve to the very best of their abilities. The fast developing world we live in demands a knowledge, understanding and basic skill set within technology. At Hareside, we understand the value and important part technology plays in our children's lives both now and in the future. It is our aim to offer our children access to and opportunities within technology which set them up for success at every stage of their education and life beyond.

We recognise the ever-developing wealth of software, tools and technologies that exist in daily life and aim to educate our children in these, enhancing their educational experience with them also. We utilise the flexibility technology brings when supporting our children in accessing learning, particularly children with special educational needs and disabilities. 

We ensure technology is easily accessed during the school day for all children and for many we support this access with the provision of devices at home too. We realise that it is not just our disadvantaged pupils who do not have access to technology at home so we offer practical support to any who need it. This ensures our children are treated equally and experience the benefits technology brings, regardless of their personal circumstances or needs. 

We aim for our Computing and E-Safety curriculum to be ambitious and designed to give pupils, regardless of needs, the knowledge they need to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life. 


We have considered our Computing and E-Safety curriculum carefully and have found the Purple Mash Computing Programme offers an ambitious, engaging and well-supported scheme of work which meets the needs of all of our children. It facilitates learning within the national vision of Computing based on the National Curriculum, ensuring objectives are built upon every year. 

Our in school technology includes: ipods, BeeBots, ipads, laptops, tablets, chromebooks (to prepare for year 6 transition), 3D printers, hand held recorders, BenQ interactive screens, etc. We also borrow additional technology (e.g. VR headsets and programmable robots) from Northumberland County Council to enhance and support our curriculum. 

Using and adapting the Purple Mash highly detailed lesson plans, with "Catch up" courses to plug any gaps in curriculum knowledge, as well as additional training and informative videos ensures all staff are well equipped to meet the varied needs of all pupils.  

All staff receive continued professional development from experienced and well established professionals such as Purple Mash, Clennell Educational Solutions, CEOP, Thinkuknow, ICT with Mr P, and their experienced subject lead. Resources online are extensive, easily accessed and constantly reviewed in light of an ever changing educational landscape. 

Each classroom  has a consistent computing and E-Safety display, providing constant reminders of how to stay safe online, following SMART rules. 

Our skills progression document shows how knowledge and skills are built upon each year, recapping previous learning to ensure children remember more and skills are embedded. 

Whole school implementation overview

 EYFS Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 2 Curriculum Overview


Purple Mash provides an assessment tool, built into the programme, which gives all staff a clear explanation of expected outcomes, detailing what a specific age related expectation would look like in each area of the curriculum. 

We use a range of strategies to assess the skills and knowledge children have attained through each topic, including the following

  • marking and feedback from both teachers and peers
  • relevant displays in classrooms
  • leadership scrutiny (including learning walks, book looks and digital views)
  • pupil voice
  • planning audits and support if necessary

Links built with our prime feeder High School indicate our children are well prepared for their transition and have the necessary foundations for learning. Our children are ready for their next steps in education and future employment. 

How can I support my child at home?

We appreciate that not everyone feels confident with technology and we hope you will ask us for help whenever you need it. 

Some tips to help your child

  • remind them of the SMART rules using the poster below
  • use the weekly Seesaw online safety guides to discuss dangers that might occur when gaming or on phones at home
  • talk to your child about anything they may have seen or heard online and discuss how they felt
  • seek support from school if you have any concerns about their online activity
  • read the weekly Seesaw guides to familiarise yourself with online trends and worries
  • check Seesaw or Tapestry regularly to see what your child has been doing in school
  • check Seesaw or Tapestry daily to see what homework has been set for your child

 Useful Documents

Early Years Overview

Key Stage 1 Skills Progression

Key Stage 2 Skills Progression

E-Safety poster

Glossary of online safety terms

Let's talk about Mental Health

Parenting in a digital world online

Purple Mash and Education for a Connected World

SMART rules

Useful links and websites


CEOP Report an online concern

NSPCC Online Safety Advice

Thinkuknow Advice and support

Purple Mash



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