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At Hareside Primary School, we want to encourage our children to make green choices. We also want our staff, parents and wider community to join us on our journey and become more aware of environmental issues. We are mindful that we live in a disposable society and we need to teach our children about the long lasting and devastating effect that humans are having on our planet and how their choices, can make an impact to improve this.

As a school, we are working alongside the Eco-Schools programme which is pupil-led, involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects. Pupils of all ages and abilities are encouraged to work together to develop their knowledge and environmental awareness.


We are currently working through the seven steps to Eco-Schools success. The Seven steps are as follows:  

  • Create an Eco-Schools Committee, with representation from each class across the school and involving other staff members and adults within the school community (e.g. parents and carers).  Committee members to meet regularly, at least once per half term. 
  • The Eco-Schools Committee carry out an Environmental Review, with focus on the ten topic areas detailed above. 
  • The Eco-Schools Committee create an Action Plan to prioritise areas of concern and focus on specific activities, following the environmental review.  
  • Links to be made between the activities detailed within the action plan and the specific areas of the national curriculum in which the activities will best fit – for example, learning about green energy sources as part of the science curriculum, or discovering biodiversity through local geography activities.  
  • The whole school and the wider community to be kept regularly updated on activities and progress, with detail on how they can get involved. For example, through school newsletter and website updates, assemblies and during Eco-Committee led class feedback sessions.  
  • Activities to be monitored and evaluated to measure change and discover what works and what doesn’t.  Activities to be updated and amended as relevant. 
  • Create an ongoing Eco code mission statement, which demonstrates the school’s commitment to improving its environmental performance. 


The Eco Schools programme is gained by achieving three different levels, the first level being the Bronze Award and the mid-level Silver Award, both of which we have already achieved. We are now working towards the final level of the prestigious Green Flag Award.

Our journey through the Eco schools programme will allow our children to have the knowledge to make choices to help create a more environmentally friendly school and give them the building blocks to work together and make a change.


Coming soon ... pictures of this year's newly elected Eco-Warriors! Looking forward to seeing the impact they have in school this year. Good luck all!


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 Litter Picking ... just because we care!

 Skye received an award today for showing how much she cares about our school and the environment. She spent her free time during play picking up litter and keeping our school tidy. Thank you, Skye - you're a superstar!

Skye Eco Award

Jake went out litter picking around Cramlington in his spare time and we are so proud of his efforts to help his local community stay litter free. His picture was shared by his mum on North East Beach Clean and a cafe owner in Bedlington has offered him free breakfast for his hard work!! Well done Jake and thank you!!! :) 

Litter Picking around Cramlington

Adopting an elephant... just because he cares!

Just before Eco/Earth Day, Connor very kindly adopted an elephant. 

What a generous and thoughtful idea and well done for making a difference.

Connor Adopted an Elephant



ECO Earth Day 

What a successful Eco/Earth day we held in school to help promote our journey on becoming more environmentally friendly. 

The children all came to school dressed as an animal, plant and other wonderful ideas linked to the environment. Lessons for the day on being more environmentally friendly were also completed.

We were blown away by the effort made and raised a huge £234.52.

Our Eco Warriors will keep you up to date with how the money is spent.

We want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for making the day such a success and an enjoyable experience for all.




ECO Earth Day 

On Eco/Earth Day some of our teachers were very excited to get creative and dig out their best fancy dress.

Mrs Attwell designed and made this absolutely fantastic hedgehog costume, all from cardboard and other recycled materials.

Mrs Ritson also looked great in her bee costume.

Thank you both so much for all of your effort'.