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Year 5 Egyptian Visit to the Oriental Museum





Year 6 Visit to the Hindu Temple


Year 3's Cramlington Walk

On Monday 24th April, our Year 3 children put their map skills to good use as they walked around Cramlington, noting various landmarks.

Cramlington Walk

Valentine's Day Book Swap 

We're feeling the love for books today! All our children have taken part in a Valentine's Day book swap.



Avery Dennison Visit

To celebrate International Women and Girls In Science Day (12th February), ten Year 3 girls had a guided tour of the Avery Dennison factory in Cramlington. Not only did they have a good look around the factory floor, they had a Q & A session with the plant manager, Lorinda and did a very interesting sticky label challenge!

Children's Mental Health Week

As part of Children's Mental Health week, all our children took part in a range of  activities focussing on making connections. They also explored a range of feelings and discussed how they can affect us. 



Year 6 visit to SafetyWorks!

Last Wednesday, both Year 6 classes visited SafetyWorks! in Newcastle to learn a range of life skills. They experienced a variety of realistic everyday situations and were taught how to navigate them safely.


Lego League Champions

On Tuesday 7th February, a team of ten Year 5 and 6 children headed to Nissan to compete in the First LEGO League competition.

The competition was made up of four parts: Robot design, Robot games, Innovation project and core values. The children completed each of these parts of the competition, clearly demonstrating our school values. Their resilience and collaboration skills were put to the test and they absolutely shone despite the challenges they faced!

As the day progressed, they worked together, improved and strategized to do the best they possibly could – and they succeeded!

The children came first in the innovation project where they gave a presentation on an idea to help the energy crisis. Their enthusiasm and engagement was clear and they gave an absolutely brilliant presentation! Worthy winners!

The LEGO League team were thrilled with the resilience, teamwork and kindness the team showed not only each other, but the other teams on the day.


Mini Police Speed Monitoring activity

On Monday 23rd January our Year 5 mini police officers went to Station Road in Cramlington to check the speed of passing vehicles. Great fun was had by all and they even stopped some speeding motorists, with the support of PCSO Paul Moorhead. 



Reception Visit to our local Library

On 25th November 2022, our reception classes had a fantatsic time at Cramlington Library celebrating the 'Northumberland Illuminated Sheep' trail.



Year 2 visit to The Discovery Museum in Newcastle

Year 2 children re-enacted the Great Fire of London when they visited the Discovery Museum in November.




Feeding Families for Christmas appeal.

 We just want to say a huge thank you to all of our families and staff for all of their kind donations towards the Feeding Families for Christmas appeal. It was certainly very heartwarming to see the huge pile of donations and we know for sure it will spread some festive cheer amongst those families who need it. 

A special thank you to Lara Scott and her husband from Hartford Fire Station who helped take all of the donations safely to the packing centre in Kingston Park. 

Thank you to Emily, Mason, Lily and Jacob from Year 4 for their appearance in the picture too. :) 

Thank you so much!! 



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