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We recognise the life changing impact being active can have on everyone, children and adults alike. As a result, our Physical Education and Sport curriculum can be seen beyond the twice weekly P.E. lessons. Our intent is for pupils and adults to not only value physical activity but to enjoy it too, developing a habit for life. 

We understand that our teachers are not all Physical education experts and that building their knowledge, skills and confidence is key to our children's success. We intend to provide specialist coaching in this area in order to upskill staff and ensure our provision is safe, ambitious and exciting.

We aim to promote the development of a variety of physical skills appropriate to their ability and an understanding of how to apply them.  We encourage the development and growth of the child as ‘athletes’ and ‘people’ through teamwork, collaboration, resilience and both competitive and non-competitive sporting behaviour.

Our provision will enable pupils to feel confident and lead a healthy lifestyle through the physical skills, habits and interests they gain here.  Additional extra-curricular activities, throughout term time and school holidays, provide opportunities for our children to experience varied and bespoke activities.  


We have invested in P.E. specialist over a number of years now and this has ensured that our children enjoy an ambitious, skill driven, and exciting curriculum. We know that this specialist approach provides a more confident and skilful staff who teach and develop P.E. with professionals who are enthusiastic and experienced in their sport. 

Through a carefully considered and sequenced P.E. curriculum, we build fundamental movement and sports specific skills as the children journey through our school. Children receive a minimum of 2 hours physical activity a week; combining movement breaks in lessons, P.E. lessons, a daily mile or Fit in Fifteen break and the promotion of active travel. 

Our lessons are well structured and recognise the importance of embedding learning to develop a  strong set of key skills. Children are educated in the importance of warming up and what happens to our bodies during exercise. We use key technical vocabulary (see our key vocabulary programme outline) and sport specific terminology. Sports are revisited regularly in order to support retrieval. Children are taught to their ability, allowing them to develop at their own pace and recognising that some may advance quickly to the next stage. 


PE Curriculum Overview


PE Curriculum Overview




We are extremely grateful for the funding we receive which makes such a great impact on our P.E. and Sport provision. Our children leave school with an enjoyment of physical activity, an understanding of how it can make a difference to both their mental and physical health, and an ability to participate within sports at different levels. Over the years, we have seen our school teams thrive and reap the benefits of their ability to compete not only at county levels (in both elements "compete" and "develop", recognising that not all children do sport to be the best) but also to take part just because they love it. 

Sports Premium Impact 2021-22