Hareside Primary School

Hareside Early Years


We have a large Nursery with places for up to 52 children. We provide parents with the opportunity for a full time place in a morning or afternoon session. Children can join our Reception in the September after they turn 4 years old. We have two reception classes with thirty places available in each class.

At Hareside Primary School, our Early Years curriculum encourages and develops our children, building resilience, ambition and a lifelong love of learning. We take time to gain a clear understanding of our children’s knowledge and skills as soon as they arrive in our care which allows us to meet their individual needs and help them fulfil their potential. We recognise that all children are unique, celebrating their differences within our school community and beyond.

We value play as an integral part of learning and it is at the heart of all we do in our Early Years curriculum. We believe that balancing strong adult directed and child-initiated play opportunities ensures the best outcomes for our children. We create a ‘language rich’ environment through the use of songs, nursery rhymes and stories, carefully planning time for quality interactions between adults and our children. Our children are encouraged to become early readers and to foster a love of reading through the use of quality key texts, modelling and direct teaching using Read Write Inc phonics. Our children develop mathematical skills through structured small group teaching, well planned resource areas and many opportunities to explore their mathematical thinking both indoors and out. We provide exciting and engaging activities that will promote strong progress for all of our children and their individual needs. We achieve this through stories, topics and a keen awareness of their individual interests.

We value and promote parental engagement, understanding the impact of strong partnerships between home and school. Parents find Tapestry informative, interesting and an easy way to engage in their child's learning with most sharing experiences at home.    

Each new school year offers a new opportunity for us to join our children on their own unique journey and watch them grow in their own individual ways. 

The impact of our curriculum is celebrated in our happy, resilient and independent children. Our children take risks with confidence, discussing their successes and failures with peers and adults. They draw on their own experiences to improve or adjust what they are doing. Our curriculum and its delivery ensure that children, from their own starting points always make good or better progress.  

We take pride in watching our children move confidently from this first stage in their learning journey to the next. The foundations we put in place within the Early Years should allow them to enjoy, progress and shine no matter what National Curriculum challenges they may face.


We are proud of our Early Years provision at Hareside and it was recognised as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in our most recent inspection.

‘Children in the early years make a flying start to their learning. They make rapid progress to reach standards that are above average by the time they leave the Reception class.’

‘As a result of incisive leadership, outstanding teaching and provision, robust assessment, careful observation and good questioning, current children, including disadvantaged children and the most able children, make extremely strong progress and are well prepared to start Year 1, both academically and socially.’

‘Children are eager to explore and learn. Leaders are highly skilled in developing areas of provision to maximise learning opportunities for all children, based on accurate and ongoing assessments.’ 

‘The learning environment is vibrant and stimulating’

‘Teachers provide a number of highly stimulating activities for children who consequently are inquisitive and curious.’

‘The experienced and highly skilled early years team, led exceptionally well by the early years leader, understands the learning needs of young children and shares the same passion and drive to see children thrive.’