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Performance Data & Results


While we believe we provide a great experience and education for our children at Hareside we also believe there is always room to do even better. Our systems of staff performance management engage all staff in ongoing discussion and support to bring about further school and personal improvement.

We regularly review our own performance, listening to what pupils, parents, staff and others are telling us about their experience of Hareside and where we feel we can make changes for the better we do.


School Performance Data 2022-23

Pupil performance All key stages 2022-23

School Performance Data 2021-22 



Key Stage 2 comparison with national data 2022


Latest Published Data 2018-2019 Key Stage 2 (end of primary school results)  

2018 2019 key stage 2 headline measures.pdf

Performance tables

Please click on the links below for the school and college performance tables and Hareside's performance tables page.

Hareside Performance Tables 

School & College Performance Tables


Other Results

Key Stage 1 results 2018-2019

School Phonics results 2018-2019

 EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) results 2018-2019